Do you have a  Are you ready to know each other at a much deeper, spiritual level?
We have had tremendous success with our group Spirit Walk.  This is truly a “Sedona Experience”.  We will tailor
your experience to best fit the members of your group.  A twenty minute phone call with one or more of the group's
members ahead of time is helpful.  The session is conducted at our clinic in Sedona.  The clinic has a warm, comfortable, friendly atmosphere.  The sessions last for a minimum of 2.5 hours and may go longer.  Spiritual massage, to release  years of tension, can be arranged individually and separately with Denis. Arrangements can be made for a one day or weekend session, in your town or city (see below).

Costs for group sessions at our clinic are as follows:

of Clients
Cost per 
Client per 
Total cost per 
person for 
minimum of 
2.5 hours
deposit to hold 
appointment time 
and space.
2 $50 $125 $50
3 $40 $100 $75
4 $35 $87 $100
5 $30 $80 $125
6 $30 $75 $150
7-15** $25 $65** $400

 **7 and above will require a minimum of four hours and a different location.
  (The  costs include costs for the meeting room & refreshments.)
 For numbers larger than 15, fees may vary, please call.

  For Phoenix and Northern Arizona, the fees will increase between $100 and $400
depending on costs of meeting room, transportation, and accommodation needs.

 For out of State seminars additional travel costs must be added.

Voices of Experience--read what others have said about the Spirit Walk (click on link)

For information or to schedule an appointment contact:
Please call us at
Afterglow of Sedona
Denis Hutchison
1-877-GLOW-NOW for arrangements

Are you looking for more?  Exceptional massage and energy work available at our
 clinic.  Please call.

We know this town well......if you are looking for additional “Sedona Experiences”
 please call and tell us what you want.  We have a large roster of spiritual,  metaphysical,
and native american specialists at our finger tips.  Please call.

       “May your body, mind, and spirit  be in harmony”

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