Healing Treatments

At Afterglow of Sedona, several kinds of healing treatments are available to our clients.
Massage itself is a healing modality, but sometimes additional energy work which affects
the subtle energy bodies of the person is appropriate. The following modalities are available
by appointment at our clinic and in distant healing sessions.

Reiki: The most commonly known energy work is the use of Reiki. Reiki healing energy is the universal healing energy available to everyone.  The Reiki practitioner has become adept at bringing the energy into the client's energy field and focusing on specific areas of dis-ease.  Also some energy work involving opening of the chakras and/or other energy spots in the body where the energy is blocked may be appropriate. Reiki energy is intelligent energy and it goes where it is needed.  It may be all that is needed for an individual to be free from dis-ease. The services of three Reiki Masters are available at Afterglow of Sedona.  Sometimes it is appropriate to do some Reiki work during and after a massage.  Talk to your massage therapist regarding your desire for additional energy work.

Spirit Walk: Another aspect of healing the physical body is dealing with emotional issues which may be the cause of some physical problems.  This is commonly accomplished through counseling.  The Spirit Walk process available at Afterglow of Sedona is appropriate for those comfortable with spiritual counseling process.  For additional information, please see details  about the Spirit Walk process (click on link).

Reconnective Healing® This approach to healing is often a life-changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Vastly different from Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or Pranic Healing, Reconnnective Healing® is beyond any technique you've ever encountered.

These highly palpable energies are initiated by your Reconnective Healing Practitioner® at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your visit has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before. To learn more about The Reconnectioin®, its history and origin, consult with your local Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, or pick up a copy of Dr. Eric Pearl's book, "The Reconnection," at Amazon.com.

Animal Healing:  Using the Reconnective Healing® with animals is very effective.  The "registers," which are indications that these energies are present, show up quickly when working with the animals.  Some of the most common indicators are a change in the animal's breathing, calmness, involuntary movements of limbs, ears or tail, slack jaw,  swallowing motions, mid-line suspension, ie, holding a leg out or up in an unusual position, and other changes in behavior.  Treatments for the animals can be done either in person (we make house calls locally) or with distant healing (read about this topic on this page, below).  For more information contact us via email.

The Reconnection®   "Healing is the restoration to the person of spiritual wholeness."  To achieve wholeness, the release or removal of a block or interference that has kept us separate from the perfection of the universe is necessary.  "Yet healing is our evolution, and also includes the evolutionary restructuring of our DNA and our reconnection to the universe on a new level....To varying degrees, the Reconnection... takes us back, in our instrinsic memories ...and ties us into our original sense of profound connection with all of life.

"From this wholeness comes healing.  True healing. Evolutionary healing." To learn more about The Reconnectioin®, its history and origin, consult with your Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, at Afterglow of Sedona, or pick up a copy of Dr. Eric Pearl's book, "The Reconnection," at Amazon.com.

Ayervedic Treatments: Ayurveda, which translates into "the science of life," is a 5,000 year old Eastern Indian system of healing.  Abhyanga & Shirodhara
treatments and the Ayurvedic face lift massag are now available at Afterglow of Sedona. 

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic full body, light touch massage that gently encourages cellular toxins to be moved fromt the cells into the blood stream so that the body may effectively eliminate them.  The end result of Abhyanga is a deeply relaxed physiology and an enhanced feeling of well being.  For the ultimate experience add on the 30 minite Shirodhara.  Shirodhara is the slow pouring of warm oil onto the forehead using a specific pattern for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Then you will receive a very gentle massage to distribute the oils into the hair and scalp.  It is advisable to keep the remaining oil in the hair overnight to continue the effects of Shirodhara, including the release of stress, calming the mind and the nervous system; opening and soothing the face and forehead; all of which promote the feeling of deep, mediative peace.

Healing treatments available at Afterglow of Sedona Length of Treatment         Cost of Treatment
Reiki      1/2 Hour                               $65
Spirit Walk Sprit Walk                       Click on link
Reconnective Healing®      1/2 Hour                               $65
The Reconnection®  2 sessions, 35-45 min each   $333 total
Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage
      75 Minutes                         $90
Ayurvedic Shirodhara       1/2 Hour                              $45
Abhyanga & Shirodhara       1 & 3/4 Hour                     $125
Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage
      1  Hour                                 $75

Distant Healing: Both Reiki and Reconnective Healing® treatments are available in our clinic and by means of distant healing.  That is, the practitioner is able to effectively treat the client no matter where he or she is located.  We do this by making a connection with the person's (or animal's) energy field.  The treatment is most effective when the physical body of the person being treated is in a light sleep or resting mode.  Our practitioners have been working with distant healing for over ten years.

If you would like an distant healing energy treatment, enter 1 in the quantity box for the type of treatment you are interested in.  You will be sent a questionnaire and put in contact with one of our healing practitioners to set up and date and time for the distant healing sessions.  Of course you are welcome to visit our clinic in Sedona for a complete energy work sesssion.

These healing treatments are not to be used as a cure or replacement for treatment by a licensed physician
but should be considered in addition to regular care by licensed physician.

Other modalities available at Afterglow of Sedona are listed on our home page.  NOW brand vitamins, herbs and essential oils and other products are listed on our products page.  Check our products then contact us via email.

* A series of 1-3 sessions is recommended.
Item Service Amount Price Order Quantity
 10191  Reiki Distant Healing Session 1/2 hour--a series of 1-3 sessions is recommended $65.00 Enter Qty
 10192  Distant Reconnective Healing® Session 1/2 hour--a series of 1-3 sessions is recommended $65.00 Enter Qty

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