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We use these oil blends and more:  Love, Balance,Tranquility, Mountain Breeze, Aligning, Awakening, Vision, Revitalize,
Tension Release,
Relieve Me,
All Around Plus, Rejuvenate
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Therapeutic massage, Speciality massage, healing treatments, hot stones, energy work, and the "Spirit Walk"

  Think Ahhhhhhhh, Massage!

Professional Massage Therapies for Body, Mind & Spirit These and other modalities are available--therapeutic massage, deep tissue, myofascial, swedish,  LaStone (click on link for information), trigger point,  lymphatic and sports massage, reiki, complete energy work and reflexology. Always 60+ min of service. Our spacious clinic has 5 treatment rooms and 5 therapists to serve you. Call for appointments: 1-928-284-1703. See more information below.
Additional information about massage.
Spirit Walk
The Spirit Walk is spiritual counseling at its best.  It is available for individuals and groups. Sessions may include massage or other modalities. Feedback from one client, "I am a changed and changing person."
NOW brand vitamins, herbs, & oils--discount prices
Specials on glucosamine formulas, sports nutrition, and Natural Calm.  Many organic and vegetarian products are available in our store. 

Clinic/Store location and directions

 Infocontact us at 1-928-284-1703 for Sedona information,Vortex Walks, healing and hiking experiences in the Sedona area.  We are located near Bell Rock, one of the most famous Sedona red rock formations. (more info below) 

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Afterglow Massage and Healing

Types of Massage:
Deep Healing Relaxation
Blended Massage
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Trigger Point Release
Hot Stones
Back, Neck, Shoulders
Clothes on Massage
Lomi Lomi
Rock 'n' Rain
Ayurvedic Ahbyanga
Ayurvedic Shirodhara
Deep Healing
Healing Energies
Spirit Walk
Massage & Reflexology
QiGong Energy
Reiki Energy
Reconnective Healing
The Recconnection
Chakra Balancing
Biodynamic Cranial  
Running the Bars

You can combine types.
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Our elegant spa is located within the energy fields of Bell Rock, one of the numerous votexes located in Sedona. Enjoy our gracious decor, our highly trained professional staff and our therapeutic treatments.  Each of our therapists uses the modalities and products which best compliment and serve your body, mind and spirit. Chose from the many modalities available: swedish, myofascial, hot rocks, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, lomi lomi and reflexology. Additionally healing treatments are also available. Reconnective and Reiki healing, Ayurvedic treatments, the Spirit Walk,  the Reconnection and complete energy work are therapeutic treatments for more than your physical body.  If you wish your therapist is able combine several of these modalities into a therapeutic treatment that is most satisfying to you.

We have 5 treatment rooms and 5 therapists. We offer massage, spiritual counseling, reflexology, energy balancing also chakra balancing with oil & crystals.  Some treatments can be combined. Most massage therapy and energy treatments are $65 per hour--a full hour on the table (most spas offer 50 min sessions which they call an hour).We also offer specials and gift certificates.

All treatments are available with scented or unscented oils and lotions.  Afterglow of Sedona is a place for healing treatments and spiritual explorations. Travelers come to Sedona to relax and enjoy the rejuvenating energy of the our therapeutic treatments and Sedona's red earth and red rocks.

We have a Master Reflexologist on staff for hour long treatments on your feet or hands and feet.  Our Ayurvedic treatments are both anti-aging and revitalizing.  Choose from the Abhyanga massage or Shirodhara or many healing treatments.  

Walk to our clinic from the Village Lodge, La Quinta/Oak Creek Inn,  Bell Rock Inn, Wildflower Inn, Canyon Villas, Red Agave, and Adobe Village Graham Inn B & B.  We are located 1 mile north of the Hilton Sedona Hotel on the west side of  Hwy 179.  

We also provide our clients with vitamins, herbs, oils, books at discount prices.  Welcome to Afterglow of Sedona. You can contact us by phone at 928-284-1703.  Email: